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It’s no mystery that going on warm sun holidays is one of the most exciting times of the year, but the whole lead-up and preparation for that holiday can be dampened by the thoughts of cramming all your clothes into a small suitcase, not having the ideal stuff you have at home and other daily annoyances. This is why it’s important to make sure you have all the right gadgets and necessary precautions ready to take with you on your holidays for a stress-free period.

Portable Travel Steam Iron

Cramming your clothes into a small suitcase can really crease your clothes and nobody wants to be walking around like that. But not all accommodations provide an iron for you to use and that leaves you very limited options on what you can do. Taking a portable iron is a great idea and will save you the worry of having to wear creased clothes on your holidays. The compact device is about the size of a computer mouse and can be easily fitted into your suitcase for travel. It contains a 420-watt motor and is capable of three different fabric heating levels, so can handle all types of clothing. You can’t go wrong with this portable gadget.

Sandless Beach Mat

For the beach lovers, this item will be music to your ears. This sand-free mat is a revolutionary beach accessory that will help prevent all forms of sand covering your beach towel! The mat was originally intended for military use but has since found its way to consumer shelves and it is the perfect addition for a stress-free beach outing. No more sticky annoying sand and you can now make the most out of your seaside experience while lounging in the warm sunshine, reading a book or even enjoying a picnic.

gadgets you should take with you on holidays - smart suitcase

Smart Carry-On Suitcase

Finding the right suitcase with your personal style, design preferences and other practical factors can be hard and if you are on the search for a new travelling bag then this suitcase could be a worthwhile, yet pricey investment that could satisfy all your needs. 

Made of lightweight aluminium alloy, this futuristic carry-on suitcase is sleek, compact and filled with modern-day tech features. It contains LED lights that light up upon opening and the flat top allows a portable workstation if in the need for a flat surface. The case also provides a removable portable power bank with a USB-C connection and can fully power up a mobile device up to 10 times. And as if it didn’t already have enough, the suitcase is fireproof, recyclable and comes with a smart tracking app that lets you know its location at all times in order to help prevent your case being stolen. 

All in One Travel Adapter

Another common stress of going abroad is having to get compatible charging adapters in order for you to charge/use your devices. Travel adapters are nothing new and we all are bound to have a few lying around the house, however, this travel adapter sets itself apart from all the others for being the ultimate all in one travel adapter. It is compatible with over 200 countries all from one small yet supreme gadget. This product is a must-have for going abroad and will serve you greatly no matter where you go.


gadgets to take with you on holidays - portable power bank

A Portable Power Bank

Besides your all-in-one travel adapter, you might want to take with you a portable power bank such as the ones we have at QI Powersurge. Being on holidays means spending most of your days out and about, taking photos for your IG stories and trying to find the most interesting places with a little help of Google Maps. It’s no surprise that your phone runs out of battery so quickly when you are having so much fun! That’s why you NEED a portable power bank with you, so you are never out of battery and your phone keeps up with you!

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