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A portable power bank is the ideal travel companion for those with a long flight ahead. Having plenty of battery is practically a necessity - whether it be for business or entertainment needs during the journey.

Nobody wants to be left searching for power sockets in an airport or board their plane only to discover there are no charging outlets available to see them through to their destination.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know if your power bank is allowed on board when flying. Rules & regulations are always changing – so it’s easy to get confused. And the last thing anybody wants is to have their belongings confiscated!

What you can and cannot pack as part of your hand or hold luggage can vary between different airlines and when travelling between different countries & cities. Luckily, we’ve done our research and can tell you everything you need to know when it comes to flying with a power bank.

 are power banks allowed on planes?

Can I take a power bank on a plane?

The short answer is yes. However, not everything flies. There are two rules you will need to consider before you pack your power bank.

1. Power banks should not be packed in hold (checked) luggage

Power banks, like any device containing lithium-ion batteries, are always considered a potential fire hazard on board a plane - regardless how unlikely they are to cause harm.

This said, power banks and other electronic devices using lithium-ion batteries must be taken into the cabin in hand (carry on) luggage. This means that in the unlikely event of a fire, cabin crew can put it out with minimal damage or injury caused.

2. Power banks must not exceed a certain size

Carrying your power bank in your hand luggage is easy, but that may not be enough to get you past security if you’re packing enough juice to power a city.

At the time this article was published (July 2019), most major airlines including British Airways, RyanAir, Easy Jet, Wizz Air,  Emirates & Quatar Airways specify that it is permitted to board with power banks which are of 100Wh or below with no need to seek any pre-approval. This is approximately 27,000 mAh.

Fortunately, this means that all QI PowerSurge power banks qualify and you can travel at ease knowing your devices are safe – great news!

can i take a power bank in my suitcase?

How many spare power banks can I take in my carry-on luggage?


If traveling with more than 1 power bank per person, you will need to check your airlines own restrictions. Additional devices are referred to as ‘spares’. We’ve checked a few below:

  • British Airways - Max. 4 spares per person - kept in original packaging or insulated/protected from contact with metal.
  • Easy Jet - Maximum of two spares in carry-on baggage only. These batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuits.
  • Wizz Air - No more than two 2 individually protected spares may be carried per person.
  • Emirates – Maximum of two spare batteries in carry-on baggage only.
  • Quatar Airways – Max 15 spares - now that’s a lot of power!

How do I know which size of power bank I have?


Your power bank should specify its size on the device itself or on its original packaging. Although it is very unlikely, if an airline cannot verify your power banks size, it may confiscate the item.

Luckily, all QI PowerSurge products come with their size clearly printed on the device as well as its packaging.

Remember: It doesn’t matter if your device displays its size in Wh or mAh as long as it specifies it is 100 Wh / 27,000mAh or below!

What is the best power bank for travelling?


This depends on your needs. If you are looking for a power bank which packs a punch and will keep your devices energised for the longest period of time, then our range of stylish 20,000 mAh power banks are the ideal choice – that’s enough power to charge an iPhone almost 5 times over! They are not only superfast, but also feature 3 USB ports - perfect for those who need to charge multiple devices at once and those travelling with family or friends.

If you are looking for something more lightweight, small in size and easy to carry around, then our Pocket or Twister power banks would make an ideal choice. Our Chevron power bank is a little larger, but still compact. This device will provide most phones and tablets with double the amount of power than that of the Pocket or Chevron.

Whichever you choose, we hope this article helped eliminate any of your concerns around travelling with one of our power banks. Happy travels!


Browse Qi PowerSurge full selection of 20,000 mAh power banks here.

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