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In the majority of cases, people will use power banks later in the day, usually when a phone or laptop is on its last legs. We’re all prone to charging our devices overnight, especially our phones.

When it comes to power banks though, things can get confusing. A large part of that comes down to urban myths and whispers about what is best for a power bank.

To help dispel those myths and get you clued in, we decided to list some of the myths you need to know about charging a power bank overnight and what the best thing to do is.

Myth 1: Is it dangerous to charge a power bank overnight?

No. It isn’t dangerous. Power banks are made with several safety features as standard. When it comes to smaller power banks, they’ll usually have Lithium Ion batteries inside that have fail-safes in the circuit to stop overcharging. Lithium Polymer batteries are also stable and used in larger power banks. They have the slimmest chance of overcharging and causing the bank to fail, but it is extremely rare.

Myth 2: Charging overnight hurts the battery

Yes and No. This is one of those myths where the water gets muddled. Of course, a power bank’s own power doesn’t reduce simply because you’re charging it all the time (if it did, it simply wouldn’t work). Power banks over time will see a reduction battery capacity due to the internal elements not being so receptive as time goes on. That’s why, for example, you might find your phone battery going down quicker if you’ve had it for a few years.

As long as you treat it fine, your power bank should have a good life span.

Myth 3: If your power bank is warm, unplug it

To get energy, the power bank has to use energy. All batteries produce heat as they charge and are in use. If you touch a power bank and it’s a little warm in parts, that’s fine. If you touch a power bank and it’s hot to the touch, you need to unplug it straight away. It’s a sign of overcharging or one of the fail safes not responding.

Myth 4: You can charge small power banks overnight.

No. When you buy a smaller power bank, it will be much quicker to get to its full charge. For example, our 2600mAh power banks only take about 90 minutes to reach their charge, while 5600mAh power banks will take about three hours.

We advise that you charge smaller banks when you have a spare few minutes here and there. When you have a large bank that you use daily, it can charge overnight.

Myth 5: Always keep your bank plugged in to charge

No. Again, you don’t want to overcharge the power banks. We recommend keeping it plugged it for as long as it takes to get near capacity. If you’re concerned about overcharging or harming the bank, a cut-off switch or plug timer works best.

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