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Do power banks come pre-charged?

By Gavin Boyd May 31, 2019 0 comments

You’ve just bought a new power bank and want to get it working. Before you even plug in it to your device, you want to know if it’s ready to go out the gate. Surprisingly, while you might get a little bit of energy, some work needs to be done before it can be used properly.

Here is some useful information about the pre-charging capabilities of power banks. 

Do power banks come pre-charged? 

Power banks help keep our devices going while we’re on the go and need them most. When you buy a brand new bank, you won’t be able just to plug in and go. Just like buying a new phone or laptop, you’ll have some power out the gate but won’t have a full functioning power bank.

When you get a new power bank, we recommend that you plug it in for a complete first charge before you go to use it. Give the battery the best chance possible to work.

How do I get the best charge out of my power bank?

Your power bank comes with a USB charging cable in the box. And while it’s easy to pop it into any port you see, the best way to get it charged up is via a USB adaptable plug socket.  We find that plugging it “into the wall” reduces charge time and prolongs battery life.

How long will the first charge of a power bank take?

It all depends on the size of the power bank. The higher the capacity, the longer it will take.

If you’re buying a bank under 7000mAh, you’d expect the first full charge to take up to 3 hours. The closer you get to 20,000mAh you’d expect the bank to take up to 8 hours to charge 100%.

Will a power bank work best after the first charge? 

While there’s some debate out there, we think that you should give your power banks at least two to three complete charges and full uses before it gets in the swings of things. Don’t forget that it is always best to give a device as much charge time as possible, as short bursts won’t have any great benefits for your device or the amount of power left in the bank.

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