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One of the biggest questions we get asked a lot at QI Powersurge is “What is the battery inside the bank?”. Knowing this is something most people don’t take much notice of, but those of us who know their stuff about batteries will tell you that having the right kind of battery makes a huge difference.

Why does knowing the battery type matter?

The right battery can help you:

  • know your bank’s average charge time
  • know your bank’s longevity
  • know that your bank is safe to use
  • know that you don’t need batteries for a battery.
  • Why would I need batteries for a battery?

    Surprisingly, some sites out there sell power banks that need batteries to work. Yes, you read that right. Some power banks that have a battery inside will actually need to be charged by batteries; usually AAs.

    Luckily, we don’t trick customers like this.

    What kinds of batteries do QI Powersurge batteries have?

    There are subtle differences, but all our power banks will either have a Lithium-Polymer or Lithium-Ion battery inside. 

    What is the difference between Lithium-Polymer or Lithium-Ion?

    The main difference is cost, and we’ll explain why.

    Lithium Ion batteries contain a liquid electrolyte inside that holds a charge. Lithium Polymer batteries contain a solid or gelatin inside that holds a higher level of charge. Ion batteries are cheaper to make because it costs less to create batteries with a liquid inside.  

    So which Lithium battery is best?

    It really all depends on the use of the battery. If you needed a couple of AA batteries for a toy or your remote control, you’d typically just use ion batteries as they’re seen as disposable after a while.

    If you have a product that you need to charge to use, the more expensive it gets, the more likely it is to have a polymer battery. High end laptops and phones may have this style of battery because they can be smaller. Again though, many manufacturers may just pop an ion battery in as they can be up to 30% cheaper to make.

    What kind of batteries do QI Powersurge power banks have?

    We really like polymer batteries because they have a shorter charge time on average and can hold that charge over a longer period of time. For example, if you charged a power bank of each battery back to 100% and then kept them in your bag all day without using them, once you plugged a bank with a polymer battery, it would have a higher percentage of power to use than an ion equivalent.

    What does it mean when a battery is Polymer lithium ion?

    It is good to remember that all lithium batteries are ion batteries; it’s just that polymer is essentially a different type of ion battery.

    What to look out for when buying a power bank? 

    Now that you know the differences, when you buy a power bank you’ll want to consider:

  • power bank size
  • power bank weight
  • number of ports
  • Where can I find a good Lithium Ion power bank?

    Take a look at our Chevron 5,600mAh and Twister 2,600mAh chargers. 

    Where can I find a good Lithium Polymer power bank? 

    Take a look at our range of 20000mAh Portable Power Bank Chargers.

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