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5600mAh Portable Power Bank Chargers

5600mAh charge table 


Phone Number of full battery charges from 5600mAh power bank
Apple iPhone 7 1.6-1.8
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 1.1-1.2
Apple iPhone 8 1.2-1.3
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 1.2-1.3
Apple iPhone SE 1.9-2.2
Apple Iphone X 1.1-1.3
Blackberry Keyone 0.9-1.0
Blackberry Motion 0.8-0.9
Google Pixel 1.1-1.3
Google Pixel XL 0.9-1.0
Google Pixel 2 1.2-1.3
Google Pixel 2XL 0.9-1.0
HTC Desire 10 0.9-1.1
HTC U11 1.0-1.2
OnePlus3 1.0-1.2
OnePlus3T 0.9-1.0
OnePlus5 0.9-1.1
OnePlus5T 0.9-1.1
Samsung Galaxy A8 1.0-1.2
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 0.9-1.0
Samsung Galaxy Note8 0.9-1.1
Samsung Galaxy S8 1.0-1.2
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 0.9-1.0
Samsung Galaxy S9 1.0-1.2
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 0.9-1.0


Don’t get caught out of the blue by a phone going dead, your Bluetooth headphones showing no signs of life before your head to the gym or your fancy camera not starting up when you’re about to take some high-quality holiday pics.

Qi-PowerSurge can help anyone with battery problems out in a pinch with our range of 5600mAH portable power banks. We can help get a smartphone back up to 100% in no time at all.


What 5600mAh power banks do Qi-PowerSurge sell?


The most popular 560mAh power bank we have for sale would be the Chevron charger. It’s a fantastic piece of kit if you’re looking for a compact sized charger that is lightweight and can charge itself quickly


Do I need a 5600mAh power bank charger?


If you find yourself running out of battery early in the afternoon, have to use chargeable devices like earphones and speakers a lot, or have a smartwatch you need to power up at work, a 5600mAh power bank might be the ideal size for you.

This type of power bank was made to charge one device at a time very quickly.

When choosing what size of bank to get, you’d want to think about:

  • the weight of the power bank
  • where you’d be keeping it
  • the number of devices you need to charge throughout the day
  • whether you want a USB-C compatible port
  • what max output you need

    How long does a 5600mAh power bank take to charge?


    To get a power bank of this range up to 100%, you’d be looking to charge it for three hours. When you’re in a hurry, a quick half hour should give it enough juice to help out when your device is about to go dead.


    How long does a 5600mAh power bank last?


    It’s all down to what type of device you’re plugging in to charge. You’ll get a fantastic level of charge when using it on a phone or tablet, but it will have a harder team keeping a laptop going all day long.


    If you were looking for a bigger device that could keep a laptop or multiple devices charged all day long, take a look at our range of 20000mAh power banks.


    How many devices can a 5600mAh charge at one time?


    The power bank only has one USB port for you to plug in to.


    What do I use to charge the power bank?


    The power bank comes with its own micro USB cable. You plug this into a port and let it do its magic in no time at all.


    How can I get the most when charging a device from a power bank?


    If you’re about to charge a mobile phone that is almost dead, turn off anything unnecessary like background apps or services. You’d be surprised how much longer your phone can last.


    Also, it’s best not to have the phone plugged into the charger when you’re doing something intensive like playing games or streaming video.


    How big is a 5600mAh power bank?


    They can be quite compact. For example, our Chevron charger is only 43 mm x 95 mm x 20 mm and can fit in your hand easily enough.


    Can a 5600mAh power bank charge a vape pen?


    Yes, it can do it very quickly.


    Can a 5600mAh charge a phone?


    You can get at least one full charge of a mobile phone from this size of power bank. Android phones tend to take longer than iPhones as they have bigger batteries.

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